The company was founded in 1986

Mänsser is a tradition -that obliges.

Over 30 years of experience in Europe and the world. Original solutions. Innovative technologies. Own components. Ecological and environmentally friendly products. Authorized, 24/7 service. This is Mänsser.

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Mänsser OSMO is an innovative device for washing solar panels, windows and warehouse facades at heights. For this task, the washer uses ultra-pure demineralized water, which passes through a four-stage filtration system. Mänsser OSMO is perfect for cleaning glass and aluminum surfaces, as well as all smooth, non-porous structures. There are also advertising and solar panels.

Guaranteed service

Mänsser customers also get access to an authorized service.
As one of the few companies, we provide professional support around the clock.
Our specialized service technicians will make sure that your devices serve you for as long as possible with equally high efficiency and effectiveness.

The Mänsser service is equipped with all the necessary professional tools and spare parts.
Thanks to this, we are always ready to meet any challenge and immediately guarantee our clients the appropriate help.

Access to all components also significantly reduces the time needed to carry out service or repair work.


How are we different?


Over 30 years of experience in Europe and the world
The beginnings of our company date back to 1986

Production plants in the EU

Our production plants are the only ones in Europe that produce ecological steam machines
85% of our own components

Water heating

The device can be retrofitted with a system
water heating facilitating and accelerating the washing process
The only device of this type


Examples of the use our products

Solars Panels

Glass Buildings





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